What We Do

Whether you are a startup, or an existing company that wants to tokenize their business model and/or assets, our efforts are focused on building successful companies that thrive also 3-5 years later. C6 is your dedicated partner and will help you reach your full potential with a strong competitive edge! 


Ensure the efficient & effective execution of the project:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Infrastructure
  • Daily Task Management
  • Team Structuring
  • Status Reporting
  • Issue Tracking & Resolution


Apply combined knowledge & experience across the project:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Industry Best-Practices
  • Legal & Regulatory know-how
  • Business & Finance expertise
  • Templates & Checklists
  • Readiness Assessments


Leverage a global network of suppliers, partners, advisors & investors:

  • Investor Databases & Networks (institutional, private, public)
  • Specialized suppliers (lawyers, economists, accountants, marketing)
  • Industry partnerships, memberships and advisors

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Service Blocks

As a One-Stop-Shop we cover the full spectrum of services required, and work with our clients to define the best strategy. Together with our strategic partners we deliver the required set of services as defined below:


To ensure that the foundation for a Blockchain / Crypto start-up and an ICO or STO project is in place, aligned with industry best-practices, and compliant to applicable rules & regulations.

  • Business Model & Strategy
  • White Paper / Prospectus
  • Pitch Deck / Investor Deck
  • Tokenization Models
  • Token Economics
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance


To ensure that a new corporate infrastructure is set-up in the best jurisdiction, and that from a financial & operational perspective everything is prepared to run a business.

  • Legal Entity Structuring
  • Directors, Board Members, Advisors
  • Banking Facilities
  • Token Storage Facilities
  • Hedging & Liquidity Management
  • Financial Administration & Reporting


To ensure that the right messages get out globally, reaches the right target audience, drives them to your projects’ info, and keeps them engaged throughout the conversion process.

  • Branding & Design
  • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • Website & SEO
  • Social / Community Management
  • Videos, Articles, Events
  • Post ICO Marketing Concepts


To ensure that a plan for fundraising is developed and executed which is tuned to market conditions, and utilizes reliable and innovative strategies.

  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Investment Proposition
  • Investment Terms & Conditions
  • Investor Outreach
  • Partner Databases & Events
  • Sales Funnel & Organization


To ensure that the required technical infrastructure is built, supported and has undergone strict quality assurance and security checks.

  • Tokensale Infrastructure
  • Token Design & Creation
  • Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Engineering
  • Wallets & Exchanges
  • Payment Processing


To ensure that the crypto token or coin that has been created, is properly adopted, and managed and launched on the secondary market.

  • Token Management
  • Token Distribution
  • Exchange Listing
  • Market Making
  • Wallets Integration
  • Crypto Community

Would you like to elevate the success of your project?

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Service Packages

Different projects require different services. That is why we have created three top level packages. Each package will be tailored to each clients specific needs and requirements.

Management Package

Do you want somebody to take charge and get things done? Then inquire about this full-service package. Let C6 take on the responsibility to manage all aspects of your project.  Rather than you running around and coordinating the different parties involved in your ICO, we manage this for you, as a One-Stop Shop.

Advisory Package

Do you need someone that shows you the way and guides you along? Skyrocket your project by leveraging C6’s Business Expertise, Industry Best-practices and Network Connections. C6 provides Consultancy & Coaching by giving you directions, advice on what needs to be done, and feedback on what has been done.

Assessment Package

Are you stuck, uncertain or not getting enough traction? Gauge the fitness of your project for going live, attractiveness to investors, or a general review. C6 will execute a comprehensive review of the business plan, white paper, Tokensale and Fundraising strategy and other project assets to identify the gaps and weaknesses.

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