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In the fast evolving world of fundraising, regulation, technology and marketing, it can be a challenge to know what works / what doesn’t work, to find out what is allowed / what is not, and to manage putting the various pieces of the puzzle together. This is where C6 Advisors comes in. The veteran team at C6 supports you on your journey from Concept to Fundraising to Production and beyond… 

C6 has built a holistic ecosystem of Advisory Services for global ICO, STO, IEO, blockchain & crypto projects and companies. We are your dedicated partner to help you elevate your business to success! Here is who we help:


Security Token Projects

Tokenizing an asset (equity, debt, fund, real estate, etc) to unlock its value, creating a digital security, and running an STO / DSO has several advantages, but also disadvantages and restrictions. As you are entering the highly regulated securities market, it pays off to know (and do) exactly what must/must not be done.

The C6 team has the knowledge and  experience your need to succeed!


Utility Token Projects

When you want to create a tokenized business model around your product, which is built on blockchain technology, and want to run an ICO, IEO and/or require traditional VC funding, there are many aspects and assets that need to be put in place. From a solid business plan to a legal entity, and from a marketing plan to a reliable infrastructure.

With C6 as your partner, you are one step closer to get it all together!


Post-ICO / STO / IEO

Raising funds is only the first step towards long-term success. From there on your business needs to grow, in the widest sense of the word. Growing your client base, growing your revenue, growing your product offering, growing geographically, growing token trading volume, growing in corporate maturity, growing your network, etc. And as well it is of utmost importance to protect your money and utilize your resources effectively & efficiently. 

Work with C6 to define and implement a comprehensive Strategy & Plan to achieve long-term success.

Let’s Build awesome Businesses, together!

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Industry Veterans



Peter has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 30 years as a Fund and now ICO Advisor. 

Mika Romanoff



Mika has more than 25 years of financial service industry experience as an Advisor and Risk Manager.

Marco van der Weijden



Marco has been active in various business ventures for more than 20 years as a Project Manager & Consultant. 

C6 Differentiators

We provide an all-encompassing package of services to execute your project, managed out of one hand. We tailor the scope of work to your specific needs & requirements!

We are experienced Business people with a high understanding of the Crypto world. We focus on how to set up and grow the actual business-side of your company through smart strategies & tactics. This is what investors are looking for, and defines long-term success!

We have a no-nonsense, direct action and agile approach to how we work and get things done!

We have the privilege to leverage a well-established global network of potential investors, advisors and partners that we have built up over the past 30 years!

We strive to make your project compliant to current and future industry regulations and best-practices. We are about making sure all necessary boxes are checked!

We have been there, and done that. We bring 30+ years of experience to the table doing projects and setting up businesses. From Finance to Telecom, from IT to Sales. We have a proven track record to deliver upon what we have promised!

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Talk to one of our advisors to discover all that we do, and if we are the right partner for you.