#1 Advisory Partner in Switzerland for Global Blockchain, Crypto & Token Sale Projects

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Business Expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Templates & Checklists
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Specialist Partner Network
  • Investor Databases

By leveraging in-house business expertise, engaging network connections and applying industry best-practices, we have built a holistic ecosystem of Managed Services for Blockchain and Crypto startups. In specific for ICO / Fundraising projects. We focus our efforts on building successful companies that thrive also 3-5 years later, rather than just raising funds. We cover the full spectrum of Project Management & Strategic Consultancy services required, and work with our clients to define the best strategy for the Pre-ICO, ICO and Post-ICO. Our pragmatic approach capitalizes on the many synergies and advantages it produces. We tailor our support depending on your needs and the purpose of your business. We believe that understanding the drivers of your company are key to deliver an efficient and personalized service. We help you reach your full potential with a sustainable competitive edge!
*For qualified projects only

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Business Experience
  • Quality Assurance
  • Templates & Checklists
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Specialist Partner Network
  • Investor Databases
  • Advisory Board Members


To ensure that the foundation for a Blockchain / Crypto start-up and an ICO project is in place, aligned with industry best-practices, and compliant to applicable rules & regulations.

  • Business Model & Strategy
  • White Paper / Prospectus
  • Pitch Deck / Investor Deck
  • Tokenization Models
  • Token Economics
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance


To ensure that a new corporate infrastructure is set-up in the best jurisdiction, and that from a financial & operational perspective everything is prepared to run a business.

  • Legal Entity Structuring
  • Directors, Board Members, Advisors
  • Banking Facilities
  • Token Storage Facilities
  • Hedging & Liquidity Management
  • Financial Administration


To ensure that the right messages get out globally, reaches the right target audience, drives them to your project info, and keeps them engaged throughout the process.

  • Branding & Design
  • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • Website & SEO
  • Social / Community Management
  • Videos, Articles, Events
  • Post ICO Marketing Concepts


To ensure that a plan for fundraising is developed and executed which is tuned to market conditions, and utilizes reliable and innovative strategies.

  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Investment Proposition
  • Investment Terms & Conditions
  • Investor Outreach
  • Partner Databases & Events
  • Sales Funnel & Organization


To ensure that the required technical infrastructure is built, supported and has undergone strict quality assurance and security checks.

  • Token Sale Dashboard
  • Smart Contracts
  • Token Design
  • Blockchain Engineering
  • Crypto Wallets & Exchanges
  • Payment Processing


To ensure that the crypto token or coin that has been created, is properly managed and launched on the secondary market.

  • Token Management
  • Token Distribution
  • Exchange Listing
  • Market Making
  • Wallets Integration
  • Crypto Community

Let’s Build awesome Businesses, together.

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Management Package

Do you want somebody to take charge and get things done? Then inquire about this full-service package. Let C6 take on the responsibility to manage all aspects of your project.  Rather than you running around and coordinating the different parties involved in your ICO, we manage this for you, as a One-Stop Shop.

Advisory Package

Do you need someone that shows you the way and guides you along? Skyrocket your project by leveraging C6’s Business Expertise, Industry Best-practices and Network Connections. C6 provides Consultancy & Coaching by giving you directions, advice on what needs to be done, and feedback on what has been done.

Assessment Package

Are you stuck, uncertain or not getting enough traction? Gauge the fitness of your project for going live, attractiveness to investors, or a general review. C6 will execute a comprehensive review of the business plan, white paper, ICO strategy and other project assets to identify the gaps and weaknesses.

* The  exact scope of the packages will be custom tailored to each clients’ needs.

Peter Kristensen | C6 Advisors



Peter has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 30 years as a Fund and ICO Advisor. 

Peter’s career began with a small Danish bank in 1986 and by the mid 1990’s he was working for Saxo Bank. He was then seconded to Synthesis Bank, now Saxo Bank Switzerland, to establish their presence in the online trading world before leaving in 2006 to establish JP Fund Services with other business partners.

Peter’s capital markets background sets him apart from many other fund services executives, with a bias towards solution finding, his experience is key in helping investment managers find the right balance of trading counterparts and technology.

This expertise has made him a highly sought-after advisor for Blockchain solutions and ICO’s. He is currently an active advisor for Modex, X8 Currency, Covesting, and several other startup companies.

Peter is based in Florida and runs the North American operations as well as continuing working with his significant European network and clientele.

Mika Romanoff | C6 Advisors



Mika has more than 20 years of financial service industry experience as an Advisor and Risk Manager.

Mika started his career with Midas Fondsmaeglerselskab     in Copenhagen trading currencies in the 1990s. In 2000 in London he was a Financial Advisor with Prudential-Bache, were he was responsible for investment services to high net-worth individuals, professional athletes and artists/entertainers. He is currently a Risk Manager for Byron Capital Partners Ltd. that acts as AIFM fund manager for Pluribus Optimum Fund.

Mika has been responsible for marketing and sales of investment services. He was also in charge of client profiling, investment proposals, asset allocation, implementing investment plans, structuring and managing client portfolios. He has specific product knowledge in global equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, mutual funds and alternative investments.

Mika has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Monmouth University in the USA, and is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Marco van der Weijden | C6 Advisors



Marco has been active in various business ventures for more than 20 years as a Project Manager & Consultant. 

Marco began his career as a project manager for telecommunication companies in the Netherlands and Switzerland, delivering medium to large size IT projects. In 2007 he joined a dutch IT Consultancy company to establish its new base-of-operations in Switzerland. He oversaw the growth of the team to 35 employees and multiple clients. He left in 2015 to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

Marco has been active since as business manager and consultant for several projects and organizations across the globe, ranging from innovative IT solutions, health & fitness, to personal development. Over the years he has established himself as an avid supporter of start-up companies, utilizing his experience in (project) management, online marketing and IT. 

At the beginning of 2017 he “discovered” the world of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, and has not looked back ever since. Marco is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

2 +
Blockchain / ICO (yr)
35 +
Financial Markets (yr)
25 +
Advisory (yr)
45 +
Project Delivery (yr)

The C6 Difference

We provide an all-encompassing package of services to execute your project, managed out of one hand. We tailor the scope of work to your specific needs & requirements!

We are experienced Business people with a high understanding of the Crypto world. We focus on how to set up and grow the actual business-side of your company through smart strategies & tactics. This is what investors are looking for, and defines long-term success!

We have a no-nonsense, direct action and agile approach to how we work and get things done!

We have the privilege to leverage a well-established global network of potential investors, advisors and partners that we have built up over the past 30 years!

We strive to make your project compliant to current and future industry regulations and best-practices. We are about making sure all necessary boxes are checked!

We have been there, and done that. We bring 30+ years of experience to the table doing projects and setting up businesses. From Finance to Telecom, from IT to Sales. We have a proven track record to deliver upon what we have promised!

Do you want to meet the people behind the ICO projects that C6 works with? Well now you can, via live webinars with the CEOs, legal, tech and marketing teams behind some of the most exciting ICOs. Join them on the ICO Sofa and ask the questions that matter most to you!

Welcome to the ICON Awards, the world’s first celebration and platform for the best and brightest in blockchain projects today. The ICON Awards single out the best ICO projects from around the world, looking to reward talent and success with international recognition.

Aprender Sobre Bitcoin is a very popular blog that provides a valuable contribution to the Portuguese speaking crypto communities around the world. C6 works with the team at Aprender Sobre Bitcoin as the media partner in the Portuguese speaking countries for sharing information about our projects.

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Switzerland is one of the most attractive business locations in the world, which provides an advantageous environment for global and regional headquarters of multinationals, investors and financial institutions. Switzerland is ranked #1 in the world in several categories, such us Global Competitiveness ReportGlobal Talent Competitiveness Index and Global Innovation Index. Switzerland has acquired a unique status, especially for blockchain companies and ICO’s. With its progressive regulatory stance towards this industry, it has become the location of choice for many companies, such as the Ethereum Foundation, Xapo, Shapeshift, and ConsenSys.  It is also home of the Crypto Valley (as a spin-off of Silicon Valley in the US).
  • A highly stable, political, economic and social environment
  • An attractive legal, regulatory and administrative framework
  • A favorable business environment for locals and internationals
  • An extensive tax treaty network and attractive taxation system
  • Neutrality, decentralization, and direct democracy
  • Strong investment protection treaties and free trade agreements
  • A highly skilled and multilingual professional workforce
  • Strong privacy and data protection culture ingrained into society and authorities

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